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Jan 25, 2023
Republic Day
The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan helped India's economy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It was supposed to help the country grow and advance economically. With this strategy, a very important campaign called "Vocal for Local" was started. It focuses on promoting products that are "Made in India" by putting the spotlight on local businesses, manufacturing, and supply chains. The Vocal for Local campaign started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave Indian companies hope. They used this to promote their brands worldwide. The purpose is to grow local businesses worldwide. Big Indian businesses changed their marketing strategies quickly to make "Indian and Indigenous" a big deal. It is important for new business ideas to come up and set the stage for India to become "self-sufficient" in the future.

What's Vocal for Local?

Vocal for Local is a campaign to promote local products on the market that are competitive with global standards. And can capture the spirit of small local brands in India for both domestic and international markets. We are making more of our own products available, which are valued because they are cheaper and superior to the competitors.

Why to promote products made in India?

The PM said that Indian-made products and "Atma-Nirbharta" (self-reliance) are important. He said that the country needs a boost to its economy, which could help local businesses. By helping the Indian economy get back on its feet, we are helping to create more local job opportunities. Along with it changes the way businesses work, and makes them more efficient. We need to grow and help our local businesses so they can make products and services that are made in India for India and the rest of the world. During the Covid crisis and when unemployment was high. Vocal for Local made it possible for new jobs to be created by coming up with creative new ways to do things. It finally helped someone get their dream business up and running on an online marketplace or for anyone else with a unique business idea.

Candy Floss - India’s Startup

Candy Floss stores is an Indian-based startup that was started in 2021. Candy Floss is run by a group of creative people who do everything from design to sales. Our plan is to sell unique and cute products to each client. Uniqueness, Price quality, Usability, and Appeal to the Eye were the main things we looked at.
Our success is because we make products that are affordable to customers. The growing demand has gradually pushed us to expand and grow the company both online and offline. Along with expanding its marketing and sales methods.

Made In India Products We Offer:

Following is the list of the local products we offer on Candy Floss website as well as in our store. Special section for made-in-India products has been provided on our website for a quick search.


A pair of soft, supportive socks is a true gift to your feet. Socks affect how your shoes feel on your feet. So it's important to choose a pair of socks that isn't just comfortable, but also functional. Check out the selection of kid’s, men's, and women's socks available on Candy Floss and buy some that fit your style.

Laundry Basket

Are unclean clothes taking up your room? Our laundry basket can help. Put it in the corner of your room and dump all your dirty clothes in it so your room stays tidy and you can quickly carry them to the washing area.

Kitchen Aprons

Kitchen Aprons
Kitchen aprons protect clothing from food spills and stains. If you need to quickly prepare food for guests while wearing a beautiful dress, the apron will protect it.
Candy Floss, a kitchen accessories supplier, offers kitchen linens that are stylish and functional.

Pillow covers

Pillow covers
Pillows carry us to dreamland. We deserve a restful night after a busy day. Candy Floss pillow covers enhance sleep. These are the perfect way to wish yourself and your loved ones "sweet dreams." 

hand towel

hand towel
Our fluffy hand towels are gentle on your skin. Check out our Candy Floss website for patterns and colors—a new hand towel will give your bathroom a quick makeover.


A pleasant scent makes us feel attractive and affects our personality. Fragrances enhance a person's image. To keep fresh and on top of the world, buy perfumes online or from our store.


Update your monotonous style. Eliminate uninteresting looks and confidently embrace your distinct style. We provide the greatest deals on these products in our offline stores. Wear new-style headpieces today!

Face masks

A good sheet mask cleanses, hydrates, and rejuvenates skin in minutes. Easy- to-apply face mask sheets have swept the beauty world. Interesting, right?
Candy floss's hydrating sheet mask is inexpensive and a "miracle" product worth buying!

Fragrances - oils, candles

Spark, the ultimate aromatic candle, promotes relaxation and passion. You can create the perfect ambiance in seconds with various aroma combinations that fill the room and uplift it. Have it by today at Candy Floss.

Bamboo Straw

Bamboo Straw
We also provide bamboo straws and other eco-friendly options. They're a sight to behold, and they're also ethically grown and skillfully made. So have your earth-friendly sipping buddy today from us.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush
Clean your teeth and planet. Choose a green oral care product. Candy Floss sells Indian wooden toothbrushes online. We sell biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes online.
In conclusion, the Vocal for Local campaign is important for a variety of reasons.
It helps to boost the economy and creates new jobs. Additionally, it changes the way businesses work and makes them more efficient. Finally, it promotes products that are made in India and captures the spirit of local brands. So, are you with Candy Floss promoting made-in-India products? Check out our special section MADE IN INDIA on our website contributed, solely to locally made products.

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