Oct 22, 2022
“Wishing you all a pleased Diwali and a prosperous New Year'' is a line exchanged all over social media by everyone on the festive occasion of Diwali. Other than this message of wishes,  unique Diwali gifts are the most exchanged element on this occasion. Indian culture is rich with values, festivals and rituals, out of which Diwali ( festival of lights) is the most celebrated festival in all parts of the country. Indians living overseas also celebrate this festival with Indian traditions as much as possible. It is a festival of sharing happiness, laughter, food, gifts, and satisfaction that brings people together. Sweets, edible items, diyas, and lights have been the most common and loud choices for festive gifts. It is time to stop offerings that remain unused, and rather exchange gifts for which you are remembered. Slid away from the old routine and indulge in the era of gifting thoughtful unique Diwali gifts to your loved ones. To reduce your hustle of hopping from shop to shop, Candy Floss brings a range of thoughtful gifting products for family, friends, and corporate gifts. Let us celebrate this festival of lights and happiness with exchanging unique gifts and laughter. This Diwali, let's start wrapping tailored gifts of value, worth and memories. Abandoning the right and wrong flags for Diwali gifts, let’s plunge into the exclusive, pocket-friendly, and thoughtful gift items from Candy Floss stores available online and offline.


Home decor
One of the very awaited gifts by all the women is home decor.  Even though women stack up their homes with multiple home decor products with a vision of utilising them on varied occasions, they tend to welcome home decor items with open arms. A pocket-friendly yet unique hamper filled with chair pad frill cushion, doughnut long home mat, abstract small mat, and thick edge photo frame will always be a great combination for all groups. The utility of these products can be observed in all age groups and categories irrespective of the choices and favours. A set of comfortable, utilisable home decor is never a no for Diwali gifting.


Trendy bags
Is anybody out there who would deny a bag???? Well, obviously NOOO!!! We want it and we need it and we will welcome it. Gifting cost-effective bags of different sizes for varied purposes is definitely one of the kindest and most thoughtful gestures. Wash bags, waterproof makeup travel pouches, kids backpacks, and cosmetic pouches are always a loud need in daily life. These bags can be a part of your travelling, office dump, school carryovers and much more. Bags with multiple uses are a saviour for all the family members. A box of sweets might get neglected for health but a bag will never be unused. This Diwali, carry a hip of trendy and durable bags from Candy Floss and gift your loved ones a bag of happiness and joy.

Travel Essentials

Travel essentials
Travelling and tripping are vital luxuries of our lives and so are the travel essentials. One of the very thoughtful gifts would be a hamper of travel essentials. A set of neck and back pillows takes care of your body balance during the journeys in the bus, train or aeroplane. To stuff in all the important things, various sized travel pouches and fancy travel bags are a must. Travel tissues to keep yourself clean and fresh with aroma along with travel flasks to sip in your energy tonic.
Pick the colourful products that you like and curate for your loved ones’ hamper.

Digital Gifts

Digital goods
You live in a digital era, so why not purchase a digital gift for your dear ones?Ponder on the digital items that will be appreciated and used by your friends, employees, or colleagues. A clock that ticks time on their desk, bluetooth speaker that can be used while travelling or partying, headphones that would help freshen up their mind with good music, lamps giving light in style, or a portable mini fan that would save them from the heat at any moment across the world. Such are the fancy gifts available online and offline at the Candy Floss stores at amazing prices.
No high budget is required for Diwali giftings this year, visit the Candy Floss stores and buy a zillion digital gifts for all your loved ones and make them feel special. It is the gifting time of the year, think digitally and pick your favourites.


Just the perfect gift for every member of the family, especially the woman. Everyone admires having food with fancy spoons, forks, cutlery, etc. Attractive aprons for all those who love cooking, fancy cutlery to serve the guests, forever needed food storage boxes, and all the kitchen accessories are displayed at the Candy Floss stores. Diwali brings newness in the whole house then why not the kitchen cutlery? Houses are worth every fancy and valuable product. Gift your loved ones a set of attractive kitchenware and make their homes feel special. A set of creative kitchenware will be acknowledged by the employees instead of the diyas. Grab all the thoughtful creative gifts from the Candy Floss stores before the festivities begin.

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