Why Choose Candy Floss !!

Join the candy-coated revolution! Discover how Candy Floss is redefining fast fashion lifestyle in India. Our commitment to "Made in India" products, value for money, and vibrant style makes us the ideal partner for your entrepreneurial venture.

Reasons to Partner

Proven Business Internationally and now Emerging in India.
No Korean, No Japanese, No Chinese, It's an Indian Brand

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Your Candy Floss franchise awaits! 🎈

Steps to Become a Candy Floss Franchisee:

Fill out a quick form to express your interest in becoming a Candy Floss partner.

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Dive into Candy Floss's world through training and setting up your coloured haven.

Unveil your Candy Floss store and start spreading the joy of vibrant living.